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The Story of drumdots

What do you get when you cross a Guitar Player, a Materials Engineer, a "boomy" drum set and an all night recording session?   drumdots....   drumdots were created out of necessity with the idea that we could do better! 

Late one night, while in the recording studio, we just couldn't get the drums to sound right - too much "boom", not enough "separation".  The studio had some products on hand to try to solve the problem, but each one of them had their own set of limitations.  Multiple "X" gels got rid of the "boom" but took the life out of the drum, rings wound up vibrating, defeating the purpose, and the rubber clips we had only fit some of the drums and they were limited to what they could do.  It was a very expensive overnight session at the studio, most of the time was spent trying to get the drum kit to sound right.

Over the course of the next few years of recording and gigging, we repeatedly ran into this same drum issue both in the studio and LIVE, and no single product seemed to solve it in all situations.  So we asked drummers, drum techs, recording engineers and sound guys what they needed and....

This is what THEY told us:

  • The signature sound of their drum can't be over muted, ( that is what you pay for in a high quality drum kit ) but they DO want the over-ring to be controlled.

  • They have to be durable, they have to last longer than the competition.

  • They really have to be washable and re-usable.

  • They have to be a good value.

  • They should be clear as not to distract you while your playing or detract from the appearance of your kit.

  • They have to stick on any head, vertical and upside down,  even on the cowbell! But not be too sticky.

  • They can't leave a residue on the drum heads.

  • They Can't fall off while you're PLAYING.

  • They should be packaged so that they are not stuck together or deformed.

  • They should not melt in the trunk of your car, even in Arizona!

  • They should be in a hard protective case for travel and storage.

  • AND, the QUALITY should be CONSISTENT to ensure consistent results.

Finally with the input from over 30 drummers, multiple recording engineers and sound guys,  over the course of 2+ years of development, we came up with drumdots...... 

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